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Brookwood Community Outing

Recent Events


Higher Things Retreat 2017

The OSL 4:12 Youth Group attended the Higher Things conference July 23-27 in Lawrence, Kansas.   Twenty youth and four chaperones flew from Houston to the University of Kansas to join with 1000 Lutheran youth from all over the United States.  The conference theme was “Sanctified” which allowed us to focus on the Ten Commandments and guided us to look at both Law and Gospel and how they are both vital to spiritual growth.  The days were filled by attending several daily worship services, selecting various breakout sessions that covered common topics for teens, and hearing Pastors preach and teach about how God has called us to be His own.  While there was a lot to learn, there was also plenty of fun and free time.  Students were able to participate in group sports and activities, rock climbing, swimming, and even exploring a large university campus. The group also spent a day at Schlitterbahn in Kansas City just before the conference began.  Everyone had a wonderful time and we want to thank the chaperones for taking time to be with our group, and a special thank you to our congregation for supporting our fundraising efforts that allowed us to attend this event.

Christian White, President, OSL 4:12

4:12’s Astro Excursion


As a fun activity, OSL 4:12’s youth group attended an Astros game between the Astros and the Jays. During the night, there was never a dull moment. There was always something going on such as buying $1 hot dogs, seeing Josh and Sean on the muscle cam, children getting loaded with sugar, and Kaitlyn killing a cockroach that was in Elena’s seat. Even though we didn’t have the best seats of all time we didn’t complain. We were excited just to be there. We still screamed at the top of our lungs at the players and at every home run. We got to experience some interesting blue ice cream, which we weren’t exactly sure the flavor of, but it was still delicious. In my opinion, the trip wasn’t about just going to see a ball game, it was about spending time with my friends and my church community. If I had gone to this game just with my family or by myself I would’ve been bored out of my mind, but it’s the people that you surround yourself with that makes the experience truly special. The 4:12’s first Astro excursion is one to remember and I hope we can go do more things like this to help strengthen and grow our friendships and overall, our 4:12 community.

Madison Lehr, Secretary, OSL4:12


Upcoming OSL 4:12 Events

Senior High Youth (OSL 4:12) meets every Sunday during Sunday School in the youth room.


Upcoming Fusion Events

Jr. High Youth (Fusion) meets quarterly from 4:30-6:30pm.

Summer meeting times vary, please contact the church for current meeting times and dates.