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Books Published by Our Savior Lutheran

Our books are available to download the PDF version by clicking the title, or
you may purchase the printed book by sending a detailed message to: Barbara

(All shipments will be sent through the US Postal Service at Media Mail rates with the invoice enclosed. Please allow for at least a week for package arrival. If you need delivery sooner, please specify. Thank you!)

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  • A Survey of Biblical Doctrine (Adult Instruction Manual)Life With God
    By Dr. Laurence White
    PDF version: 28 MB
    Printed, perfect bound book: $14.00
    300 pages

  • Scripture’s Crescendo and Culmination
    (An in-depth study explaining verse by verse St. John’s Revelation)
    By Dr. Laurence White
    PDF version: 57 MB (Part 1)
    Printed, perfect bound book: $20.00
    840 pages

    Revelation, Part 2 in PDF
    42 MB
    Revelation, Part 3 in PDF
    53 MB

  • The Chief Part of the New Testament and the Very Purest Gospel
    (A thorough study of the book of Romans)
    by Dr. Laurence White
    PDF version: 32 MB (Part 1)
    Printed, perfect bound book: $15.00 (currently out of stock)
    645 pages

    Romans, Part 2 in PDF
    50 MB

  • The Story of God's Love for His People
    (A comprehensive explanation of God's plan from creation to your life today, relating Old Testament prophecies to New Testament fulfillment)
    By Rev. Alvin Musgrove
    PDF version: 6 MB
    Printed, perfect bound book: $10.00
    234 pages

  • Te Deum

    We Praise Thee, O God, We Acknowledge Thee to Be the Lord
    Hymns Written, Translated, or Adapted by Pastor Laurence White
    Hard Cover, 402 coated pages: $50.00

  • On the Occasion of the Dedication of the Sanctuary of Our Savior Lutheran Church
    (An explanation in history and in faith of the building of our church, and the elements of art within it.)
    By Dr. Laurence White
    PDF version: 13 MB
    Printed, perfect bound book: $20.00 donation to our Forward Faithfully building project fund
    100 pages

  • A Biblical and Historical Study
    (A Bible Class compiled by Pastor White)‚Äč
    128 pages in PDF only; 22 MB

  • A Study of Creation in Scripture (Chapters 1-11)In the beginning

    572 pages in PDF only; 59 MB

  • The Mysterious Messengers



  • The Consecration of God's Covenant People
    Exodus Part 1
    Exodus Part 2
    Exodus Part 3