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Daily Devotion


His Grace Is Sufficient

December 31, 2018
By Martin Luther

He declares His Word to Jacob, His statutes and rules to Israel. He has not dealt thus with any other nation. . .. Praise the LORD!

PSALM 147:19-20


His Grace Is Sufficient

We can boast that God has given us His Word. Let it happen that others are rich and we poor, they powerful and we weak, they happy and we sad, they admired and we despised, they alive and we dead, they everything and we nothing—what of it? Still they have no God but must make a worthless, miserable god out of their own pittance. What poor material for a god! O pitiable god-smiths! But we have God, and we glory in the right God. This ruby they must leave with us; in comparison with it all their kingdoms are rotten dung and dirt. Even though we must suffer much, what difference does it make? It is written that if you want to be a Christian, "My grace is sufficient for you (2 Corinthians 12:9). Be grateful that you have My Word and Myself in My Word. How can distress, hunger, and pestilence hurt you? What damage can be done to you by the feuding of the bigwigs, the malice of the peasants, the rage of the Papists, the censure of the whole world, or the anger of all devils? You have God's Word; they don't! You are in My grace; they are not! You are My child; they are My enemies! Beloved, let My Word as Myself be a treasure, a kingdom, even a heavenly kingdom, to you in your poverty, misery, and woe. My Word is eternal, and in this Word you are eternal."

From Commentary on Psalm 147 (Luther's Works 14:134-35)

December 31