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Daily Devotion


A Condition of His Kingdom

January 06, 2019
By Martin Luther

Why do the nations rage and the peoples plot in vain?



A Condition of His Kingdom

The prophet is filled with amazement and asks: "What is this, anyway? The nations conspire, and the peoples plot and take counsel not against the king of the Persians, not against the Turk, but against the Lord. Will these efforts not prove to be ridiculous, stupid, and foolish? Let no one therefore fear, let no one allow himself to be terrified by these counsels, whose net result will show that they have been in vain. For they are undertaken not against man, as it seems, but against the Lord." Thus right in the beginning he leads us from fear to hope and offers the comfort that the peoples and the nations will perish unless they abandon these counsels, because they plot against God and not against men. . ..

The Holy Spirit . . . teaches and consoles us in this psalm so that we cling bravely to this King [Christ] and think of Him much more than the tumults and other offenses. For it is a condition of His kingdom that it cannot exist without tumults. . .. Learn this and when the tumults swell, when the nations rage, the people plot, the kings rise up, and the rulers counsel together to suppress this King, then be in good spirits, and do not let yourself be moved by this peril. For the Second Psalm foretold that thus it would be, that the whole world would be moved when this King opens His mouth.

From Commentary on Psalm 2 (Luther's Works 12:7, 10)

January 6