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Daily Devotion


Christ Alone

January 11, 2019
By Martin Luther

As for Me, I have set My King on Zion, My holy hill.



Christ Alone

The Gospel only holds up Christ to the souls and eyes of all and commands all to behold Him alone, to depend on Him alone, to trust and believe only in Him. Having assumed our flesh, in our flesh He conquered Satan, killed death, laid waste and destroyed hell. [The Gospel] proclaims that He alone is wise, because He alone knows and does the will of God the Father. Him alone it calls righteous, because He alone has done no sin, but is able and willing to communicate His righteousness to all who believe in Him. [The Gospel] speaks of Him alone as a power, because He alone conquered and despoiled the mighty one guarding his own house (Luke 11:21-22). Therefore [the Gospel] wishes us to trust in His wisdom, righteousness, and power; and then indeed it promises that we also will be wise, righteous, and powerful.

From Commentary on Psalm 2 (Luther's Works 12:20)

January 11