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Daily Devotion


Sent to Preach

January 12, 2019
By Martin Luther

The LORD said to Me, "You are My Son; today I have begotten You."



Sent to Preach

The doctrine of this King does not teach about works, but about the person to whom the Lord has said: "You are My Son." . . . This is a more majestic and excellent teaching than is the Law, whose purpose is only to tell us what we are to do. The Gospel does not, however, dispose of the Law. For the Law is also the voice of God, and it is fitting for all to be subject to it. Yet even though the Law remains, the Gospel teaches something higher. For because no one is able to obey the Law, [the Gospel] preaches about the Son of God, whom the Father has begotten today, that is, from eternity, and appointed King of Zion, that is, willed that He should be born a man and teach. Hereupon the hearts must be stirred up of their own free will to listen to this great King and observe His works. This is consequently the highest article of our faith, to know that the Son of Mary is the eternal Son of God, sent by the Father to preach, not to fight. For He has His strength in His mouth, not a sword in His hand. And this is the sum total of His teaching, that He says, "The eternal Father has begotten Me in eternity." This is the most important part of our faith and the highest article of the Gospel.

From Commentary on Psalm 2 (Luther's Works 12:45-46)

January 12