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Daily Devotion


An Important Distinction

January 18, 2019
By Martin Luther

Kiss the Son, lest He be angry, and you perish in the way, for His wrath is quickly kindled.

PSALM 2:12


An Important Distinction

This is, therefore, a most serious threat, full of terror, the very thought of which would slay us if the Holy Spirit had not added the necessary consolation. For He distinguishes between those who kiss this Son and those who do not kiss Him. Accordingly He is angry and threatens ruin to those who do not wish to kiss this Son but are proud of their own righteousness. But He declares those blessed who kiss the Son, who are in fear because of their sins and yet have hope on account of God's Son. Thus the angels made a distinction at the Lord's tomb, when they said to the women (Matthew 28:5), "Do not be afraid." Certainly they had not come to frighten those who loved and sought Christ. But they had come to terrify the guards to whom the Pharisees and priests had given the job of suppressing Christ's glory. And so as the persons differ, the messages also differ. The sermon of wrath and punishments, however, is suitable for the hardened and secure. They must be broken with the hammer of the Law.

From Commentary on Psalm 2 (Luther's Works 12:92)

January 18