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Daily Devotion


Only Those in the Ark

August 22, 2019
By Martin Luther

All flesh died that moved on the earth.... Only Noah was left, and those who were with him in the ark.

GENESIS 7:21, 23


Only Those in the Ark

God remains truthful and preserves the Church, rules, and guides it, but in a manner that the world neither sees nor understands. . .. [The Church] God has chosen for Himself ... receives the Word and shuns idolatry, although it is so hard pressed by cross and dishonor that it is not considered a church but a heretical body and a school of the devil. . .. In the same way man was given dominion over the world at the beginning of creation. In the flood this is taken away, not forever but for a time; and even then it is not taken away entirely. Even though the greater part of the world perishes, man nevertheless remains lord of the creatures; that lordship is preserved for him, if not in so large a multitude as the world believed and wanted, nevertheless in a few individuals, that is, eight souls, something that the world did not consider. God's promise [of the dominion over the earth by human beings], therefore, did not lie. God kept His promise, but He did not keep it in the manner in which the world wanted it kept. He destroyed the sinners; but He saved the righteous, even though they were few and were like seed that God increased later on in various ways.