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Daily Devotion


Righteous, Sanctified, Restored

July 15, 2018
By Martin Luther

Restore to me the joy of Your salvation, and uphold me with a willing spirit.

PSALM 51:12


Righteous, Sanctified, Restored

This is now the third gift of the Holy Spirit that [David] asks to be conferred upon him. It is surely a fine sequence that the prophet follows; as though he were to say: "I am already righteous by the grace of God, because I am sure of the forgiveness of sins. Then I am also sanctified, for I walk in the obedience and holiness of the Lord's commandments, and this gift of the Spirit is growing daily. Now a third still remains, that there come a courageous and strong mind, which will confess this justifier and sanctifier before the world and will not let itself be driven away from confession by any dangers." For this reason we have rendered this verse in German in such a way that he appears to ask for a mind that is "happy" and despises all dangers. "Happiness" here properly means constancy or a fearless mind that is it not afraid of the world or Satan or even death. Such a mind we see in Paul, when he says with a happy, exulting, and full spirit (Romans 8:35): "Who shall separate us from the love of God?" It seems to me that in this passage David is asking for the same thing, that he might be able to confess his God freely, despising all the dangers of the world.

From Commentary on Psalm 51 (Luther's Works 12:382-83)

July 15