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Daily Devotion


Everything Is His

July 19, 2018
By Martin Luther

For You will not delight in sacrifice, or I would give it; You will not be pleased with a burnt offering.

PSALM 51:16


Everything Is His

So there is nothing left for us to do for God but to thank Him. Whatever we are, live, and have is a gift of God, as Romans 11:35 says, "Who has given Him something first?" When we do everything we can, we do thing but give back what we have received. What is so special about that? Here the self-righteous answer: "We want to merit something and to testify to free will." But that is to give His own back to God as though it were not His but ours. Even reason denounces as wicked and foolish the notion that someone who is generous not with his own property but with someone else's is doing anything special. What we should have done was to give glory to God by acknowledging that whatever we have or can do we possess by His blessing, since it is He who confirms us with His Spirit, who opens our mouth and fills it with His praise.

From Commentary on Psalm 51 (Luther's Works 12:397)

July 19