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Daily Devotion


Fortified in Knowledge

July 22, 2018
By Martin Luther

Do good to Zion in Your good pleasure; build up the walls of Jerusalem.

PSALM 51:18


Fortified in Knowledge

This is to build the walls so that they are firm, if in this way men learn to trust in the mercy of God and to receive grace. Those who have once begun, grow daily more and more. It is not enough just to begin in this knowledge. But because after they have received grace, Satan rages against the pious with all his ministers, angelic and human, therefore it is necessary to stand in battle and to have your mind fortified and confirmed more and more. Thus, as Satan does not stop attacking, so He also does not stop defending and fortifying, He who keeps Israel (Psalm 121:4) This verse contains a petition that grace might be bestowed and kept. Here, too, he attributes everything to the kindness of God, not to his own merits or efforts. He asks God to preserve the knowledge of this grace "according to His good pleasure" and to build the walls. That is, he asks for minds to be firm and well fortified in this knowledge so that in the time of battle they might stand up against the devil.

From Commentary on Psalm 51 (Luther's Works 12:408)

July 22