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Daily Devotion


The Most Precious Gem

July 31, 2018
By Martin Luther

God has spoken in His sanctuary.

PSALM 60:6 (RSV)


The Most Precious Gem

If we knew of a church somewhere in the world where God's voice could be heard, how we would run off to it! And yet we could hear nothing other than what we hear at home in our own church from the pastor. Among the other blessings and gifts of God that he received, David counts this as the foremost blessing and highest jewel: that God has given him a kingdom in which the Word of God is taught, as he says in Psalms 60 [:6] and 108 [:7]: "God is speaking in His sanctuary; therefore, I am glad," We, too, can make the same boast and say that God has given us the most precious gem, His dear, holy Word. Therefore, the holy Christian Church is a beautiful and glorious thing, because there we are able to hear what God is speaking and requires of us: that we should repent, be baptized in His name, and believe in His Son, Jesus Christ, and demonstrate our faith with Christian fruits, be obedient to God, and serve our neighbor. Whoever touches a Christian believer, touches the app1e of God's eye [Zechariah 2:8]. Whoever believes and does thus shall be God's house and dwelling place.

From Sermons on John 20 (Luther's Works 69:405-6)

July 31