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Daily Devotion


Seen by Eyes of Faith

August 14, 2018
By Martin Luther

Father of the fatherless and protector of widows is God in His holy habitation.

PSALM 68:5


Seen by Eyes of Faith

Because of your faith, you may be forced here on earth to leave father, friend, life, goods, and honor. You may have to become poor and wretched orphans and widows, suffering violence and injustice at the hands of all. Then you will find comfort in the knowledge that the Lord of creation is the Father of such orphans and the Avenger of such widows, that He is not distant, but near you, and that you need not seek Him in Jerusalem or Rome. He resides in the midst of His Christians; there He is surely to be found. But He is not content just to dwell there. No, He also wants to be a God among them, a God to whom all hearts may flee, who freely gives all, does all, and is able to do all; in brief, who is all that you should have in a God. But this calls for faith. For the Father, the Judge, God, is present invisibly. His dwelling is holy; that is, it is set apart and can be seen only with the eyes of faith. If you believe that He is your Father, your Judge, your God, then this is what He is.

From Commentary on Psalm 68 (Luther's Works 13:6-7)

August 14