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Daily Devotion


God's Work and Strength

September 09, 2018
By Martin Luther

I will ponder all Your work.

PSALM 77:12


God's Work and Strength

God's work and His strength is faith. This makes people righteous and produces all virtues; it chastises, crucifies, and weakens the flesh, so that it should not have its own work or strength but that the work of God should be in it. And thus it saves and strengthens the spirit. But when this happens, then all who do this become God's work and God's strength allegorically. And so the Church is God's work and strength. The world, however, is weak and worthless, and, as in the flesh, so also in the world there is no work of God, for the reason that it is separated from the Church and the faithful people. But if they persevere in this, they will finally arrive at the final destiny of the evil and the eternal judgment, while the believers will arrive at the final destiny of the good.

From First Lectures on the Psalms, on Psalm 77 (Luther's Works 11:12-13)

September 9