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Daily Devotion


A Heart Set Right by Faith

September 15, 2018
By Martin Luther

They should not be like their fathers .. . a generation whose heart was not steadfast, whose spirit was not faithful to God.

PSALM 78:8


A Heart Set Right by Faith

A heart is set aright when it is turned from self to the Lord. This is the true direction, and it happens through faith and hope. The heart cannot be directed toward the Lord except by faith, because the Lord is a spirit, both invisible and incomprehensible. Therefore there is need for faith, which reaches out to Him. But these people do not set their heart aright. They distort it and bend it away from the Lord toward themselves, toward the flesh, toward the world, toward the creature. And there are as many bendings as they have desires and things desirable. They direct the eye and the flesh but not the heart. And why did they not set their heart aright? He says: "Their spirit was not faithful to God." This is what I said, for without faith this setting aright does not take place. In a devious way they are tossed to and fro on the roundabout way of every wind. Faith is the shortcut by which one comes quickly to peace and salvation. This is the direct way.

From First Lectures on the Psalms, on Psalm 78 (Luther's Works 11:47-48)

September 15