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Daily Devotion


The Kingdom of Christ

September 23, 2018
By Martin Luther

Arise, O God, judge the earth; for You shall inherit all the nations!

PSALM 82:8


The Kingdom of Christ

Worldly government will make no progress. The people are too wicked, and the lords dishonor God's name and Word continually by the shameful abuse of their godhead. Therefore [the psalmist] prays for another government and kingdom in which things will be better, where God's name will be honored, His Word kept and He Himself be served; that is the kingdom of Christ. . .. That is to say: He is Lord in all the world, for no empire has spread so far among the heathen as has the kingdom of Christ; and this verse cannot be understood as meaning any other than Christ. This God is a God by nature, to whom it is not said: "I have said that Thou art God"; but: 'Arise, O God, and judge the earth." For Christ practices aright the three divine virtues mentioned above. He advances God's Word and the preachers of it; He makes and keeps law for the poor; He protects and rescues the miserable. . .. Thus we see that, over and above the righteousness, wisdom, and power of this world, there is need for another kingdom, in which there is another righteousness, wisdom, and power. For the righteousness of this world has an end, but the righteousness of Christ and of those who are in His kingdom abides forever.

From Commentary on Psalm 82 (Luther's Works 13:72)

September 23