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Daily Devotion


Place of Refuge

October 05, 2018
By Martin Luther

Lord, You have been our dwelling place in all generations.

PSALM 90:1


Place of Refuge

This introduction, too, breathes life and is relevant to the sure hope in the resurrection and life eternal. He calls the eternal God our Dwelling Place, or, if I may speak more precisely, our Place of Refuge, to which we may flee and where we may feel secure. If God is our Dwelling Place—and God is Life—and we are residents in that Dwelling Place, it necessarily follows that we are in life and will live eternally. That all this is a perfectly good and entirely valid inference we know because of the First Commandment. Who would call God a Dwelling Place of the dead? Who would think Him to be a tomb or a cross? He is Life. And so also those will live whose Dwelling Place He is. . . . Of course, Moses expressed himself in this way intentionally. He meant to show that our every hope is most firmly grounded in God and that those who pray to this God have this assurance: they are not needlessly afflicted in the world, and they will not die, since God is their Place of Refuge and the Divine Majesty, so to speak, their Dwelling Place, in which they can rest securely throughout eternity.

From Commentary on Psalm 90 (Luther's Works 13:83-84)

October 5