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Daily Devotion


A Good Reminder

October 27, 2018
By Martin Luther

Know that the LORD, He is God! It is He who made us, and we are His.

PSALM 100:3


A Good Reminder

The psalm (100:3) states: "The Lord made us, and not we ourselves." Why does the Holy Spirit put us in mind of this, as though no one actually knew it? Truly, the entire world has need of this teaching. For all who are presumptuous about their works do not know that they were made by the Lord; and they need to be reminded that they were made by the Lord. Otherwise they would humble themselves before their Creator and not be presumptuous about their own powers, because whatever they have, they have from God. Thus ignorance of the act of creation makes us presumptuous. So does God's exceedingly great friendliness toward us. Therefore it is necessary for God to put a lawgiver over us, as Psalm 9:20 expresses it, and to kill us along with Ishmael, in order that Paul's statement (cf. Ephesians 2:8-9) may stand firm: "Through faith and not by works, through grace and not through our merits" we are what we are, even naturally and according to the body and the flesh, and to a far greater extent supernaturally and according to the spirit, so that we should simply say: "O God, have mercy on me!"

From Lectures on Genesis (Luther's Works 4:62)

October 27