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Daily Devotion


Recognizing His Kingdom

November 14, 2018
By Martin Luther

The LORD sends forth from Zion Your mighty scepter.

PSALM 110:2


Recognizing His Kingdom

You can see, therefore, how the dominion of this King works. In His invisible essence He sits at the right hand of God; but He rules visibly on earth and works through external, visible signs, of which the preaching of the Gospel and the Sacraments are the chief ones, and through public confession and the fruits of faith in the Gospel. These are the true marks whereby one can really recognize the kingdom of the Lord Christ and the Christian Church: namely, wherever this scepter is, that is, the office of the preaching of the Gospel, borne by the apostles into the world and received from them by us. Where it is present and maintained, there the Christian Church and the kingdom of Christ surely exist, no matter how small or negligible the number of the flock.

From Commentary on Psalm 110 (Luther's Works 13:272)

November 14