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Daily Devotion


Genuine and True Service

November 17, 2018
By Martin Luther

Your people will offer themselves freely on the day of Your power.

PSALM 110:3


Genuine and True Service

When people learn to know Christ through the Gospel, when they believe that they obtain God's forgiveness of their sins through Christ and become acceptable to God for Christ's sake, the right service of God develops as a consequence within the heart. Where such a faith exists, the Holy Spirit also works in the heart, as we have said before, so that a man develops such a desire and love for God that he wants to obey Him. Such a man begins to fear God with all his heart, he trusts Him under all conditions of his life, he calls upon Him in all his needs, he is steadfast in the confession of His Word, by his life he praises God before all the world, and for His sake he suffers and bears whatever God is pleased to send him. Such are genuine and true forms of service, and they please God very well because they are done with faith in Christ. They proceed from within the heart, which has now become "a new creation" in Christ, as St. Paul calls it in Galatians 6:15. . .. Therefore the old form of worship stopped of itself when Christ came to create a new form of service and new servants of God through the Gospel. This does not consist in external conduct or behavior or in lifeless types; instead, it lives in the heart and produces a genuinely new being.

From Commentary on Psalm 110 (Luther's Works 13:293-94)

November 17