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Daily Devotion


The Church of the Faithful

November 24, 2018
By Martin Luther

Great are the works of the LORD.

PSALM 111:2


The Church of the Faithful

These works are the new creatures created in Christ through the Holy Spirit, as Psalm 8:3 says: "When I look at the heavens, the work of Thy fingers." And since they are spiritual works, their greatness is spiritual also. And these are the apostles, the martyrs, and all the faithful in the whole Church. They are indeed great, not physically or before the world, but in virtues and wisdom before God, and wonderful in that they are weak, foolish, and outcast and humble before men. These works of the Lord are small, yes, nothing in the eyes of the world, which does not know the Spirit and His greatness. Therefore the "great works of the Lord" are the Church of the faithful.

From First Lectures on the Psalms, on Psalm 111 (Luther's Works 11:374)

November 24