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Daily Devotion


A Sincere Invitation

November 25, 2018
By Martin Luther

He has caused His wondrous works to be remembered; the LORD is gracious and merciful.

PSALM 111:4


A Sincere Invitation

Now, if you are afraid to go to the Sacrament, and your conscience frightens you, as if you were unworthy, put this verse into your heart and on your lips. Then you must hear and feel how sincerely He calls and invites you. He is here and is waiting for you with hands and heart wide open, for you to take and receive grace and mercy. He does not want you to flee and shy away from Him but to flee to Him and with full confidence go to Him. Here he is called nothing but this: the gracious and merciful Lord. . .. This verse expresses not merely the fruit and benefit of the Sacrament—that it is a gracious and merciful institution in which one should seek and find grace and mercy—but it also exalts the remembrance of Christ. What is the suffering of Christ but pure grace and mercy, offered, given, and imparted to us through the Sacrament? It is grace that He shows us all His benefits and by His blood brings us from sin to righteousness, from death to life, from the devil to God. It is mercy that He unceasingly forgives our sin and spares and endures our ingratitude and all wickedness in which we are still bound as long as we live in the flesh. All this He earned for us, once and for all, by His suffering, and daily offers and gives us by His remembrance and Sacrament, actually driving us to it with sweet and gentle words.

From Commentary on Psalm 111 (Luther's Works 13:374-75)

November 25