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Daily Devotion


Fitted for Every Good Work

November 26, 2018
By Martin Luther

The works of His hands are faithful and just.

PSALM 111:7


Fitted for Every Good Work

God has certain works that are all His own. . .. They are the works which He Himself performs and which are called "the works of His hands," as a potter with his own hands fashions a piece of pottery. This is our Lord's workmanship, and we are His clay or loam. He is the carpenter, and we are His lumber. The product is the dear holy cross, which must follow the teaching of the Gospel. Here He hews and works on us, planes and saws, that He may put to death the old man in us together with his learning, wisdom, and righteousness, and all his vices, thus making us perfect, His new creation. . .. Thus Christians become experienced and skilled, able to advise and help in all matters. Thus they become bold and equipped to fight against the devil and sin. Thus they are fitted for every good work. In short, thus faith is exercised, the Gospel is fortified, and Christians become a righteous product and a new creature of God. This is a work which we endure from God and do not do ourselves. Therefore it is correctly called the work of His hands; and this is to be proclaimed continually among Christians so that they follow Christ in His suffering and become like Him. He, too, was shaped and prepared in this manner, not merely that He might redeem us from the devil, but also as an example which we should follow, as St. Peter says (1 Peter 2:21), and to which we should be conformed (Romans 8:29).

From Commentary on Psalm 111 (Luther's Works 13:378-79)

November 26