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Daily Devotion


Do Not Become Discouraged

January 09, 2019
By Martin Luther

The Lord holds them in derision. Then He will speak to them in His wrath, and terrify them in His fury.

PSALM 2:4-5


Do Not Become Discouraged

Even if the time is not revealed to us in which the Lord will liberate the pious and will destroy the reprobate, nevertheless it will happen at some time, if only we do not become discouraged and if, strong in faith, we press on in constant prayer. . .. God wishes to be reminded and stirred up by our prayers. For this reason He wishes us to feel affliction and to bear it, but to believe in deliverance. But we shall not keep silence about our own experience, to make known not so much that this verse is true as that we are grateful to God, who is understanding, retaining with a sure memory, and proclaiming His marvelous kindnesses and wonderful way of saving and keeping us. . .. Let us, therefore, persevere in the faith and in the confession of the Word and let us not be found among the number of those who, as Ecclesiasticus says, "have lost their endurance" (Ecclesiasticus 2:16). They may suppress us, drive us, afflict us, even kill us; yet, if we do not become discouraged, if we suffer these evils in the hope of deliverance, our Lord will not desert us. For He here promises that He will speak in His wrath and that they will fall into confusion.

From Commentary on Psalm 2 (Luther's Works 12:30-31)

January 9