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Daily Devotion


Sit in the Beauty of Peace

January 08, 2019
By Martin Luther

The rulers take counsel together, against the LORD and against His Anointed.



Sit in the Beauty of Peace

The world does not stop raging against and persecuting the members of Christ, and "the rulers take counsel together against the Lord," as we read also in Psalm 2:2. Yet in all this Christians do not succumb. So great is the peace of Christ, "which passes all understanding," as Paul says (Philippians 4:7); that is, so great is the peace in our hearts that in every tribulation we are so far from being overcome by fear that we even rejoice, as Paul says in Romans 5:3. Thus by not turning away evils or enemies but by turning them loose, the Lord causes us to feel safe, to rejoice always, not to be overcome by any evil, even though the whole world may bare its fangs against us. Let the pope rage. Let the emperor and his princes threaten us with evil. We shall sit in the beauty of peace, even though they throw us into prison. If they are allowed to give themselves over to their wrath, if finally they even slay us, we will rejoice no less than if we had been invited to a wedding.

From Lectures on Zechariah (Latin) (Luther's Works 20:25)

January 8