Sunday School


Sunday Schedule

Always fresh!  Always strong!  Every Sunday Our Savior serves up a fresh strong "brew" of substantive Bibles studies before and after the 9:30 service for all ages.  See the schedule below for our "premium roast" classes.  This is most certainly brew!

8:15 AM Confirmation Class

6th-8th Grade students not attending OSL School
Taught by Pastor Hull in the Youth Room, Sanctuary

8:15 AM Adult Class

"Hebrews Breakfast Blend"
Pastor White
Bible Classroom, Sanctuary


10:45 AM Youth Classes

Little Lambs (18 mos. – 3 yrs) – Early Childhood Building, Room B111
Preschool (3 & 4 yrs) – Early Childhood Building, Room B108
Kindergarten – Early Childhood Building, Room B107
1st – 2nd Grades – Classroom Building, Room C115
3rd – 4th Grades – Classroom Building, Room C113
5th – 6th Grades – Classroom Building, Room C103
7th – 8th Grades – Classroom Building, Room C105

High School – Youth Room, Sanctuary

10:45 AM Adult Classes

"First Corinthian Coffee"
Pastor White, Bible Classroom Sanctuary
"Organic Bethel Bible Series"
Herb Peterson, C102, Classroom Building
"Dark Roasted Lutheran Confessions"
James Kriegel, C101, Classroom Building
"Latte Women's Bible Study"
Merri Schoppe, Family Room, Sanctuary
"A Christian Family in a Starbucks World"
Dana Gerard, B109, ECE Building
"Double Espresso Shot for Young Adults"
Stephen Schoppe, C106, Classroom Building


Take the Trolley!

Why walk when you can ride? The Sunday School trolley picks up at the Sanctuary and stops at the Early Childhood and Classroom buildings right after church.

Shekel Store

Tokens are awarded to the students for various activities and merit, which then can be used to buy prizes at the Shekel Store. The Shekel Store is a cart in the cafeteria which is open on the 2nd Sunday of the month, after Sunday School.