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Sunday School

Sunday School

A traditional classroom Sunday School for all ages.

Please join us every Sunday morning as we explore God's Word together.  Our Savior Lutheran Church's Sunday School program, Growing in Christ, follows a same-age classroom model so students learn and grow in faith alongside their peers. Together, they explore the Bible, draw connections to the Small Catechism, and learn the traditions of the Lutheran Church.  Each quarter we will explore a different way in which God's promises through Christ have been given to us.  This year we will explore how:

-God Protects His People in Egypt and the Exodus (Fall Quarter)

-God Sends His Son to Save Us (Winter Quarter)

-Jesus Shows He Is True God (Spring Quarter)

-During the Summer we have a topic Study focused Christ (Summer Quarter)

We look forward to having you worship and study with us.

10:45 AM Youth Classes

Preschool (3 & 4 yrs) – Early Childhood Building, Room B108
Kindergarten – Early Childhood Building, Room B107
1st – 2nd Grades – Classroom Building, Room C115
3rd Grade – Classroom Building, Room C116
4th – 5th Grades – Classroom Building, Room C113
6th – 7th  Grades - Classroom Building, Rom C103
OSL 4:12 (High School) – Youth Room, Sanctuary

Take the Trolley!

Why walk when you can ride? The Sunday School trolley picks up at the Sanctuary and stops at the Early Childhood and Classroom buildings right after church.

Shekel Store

Tokens are awarded to the students for various activities and merit, which then can be used to buy prizes at the Shekel Store. The Shekel Store is a cart in the cafeteria which is open on the 2nd Sunday of the month, after Sunday School.

Little Lambs Nursery

For those parents who have young children (18 mon. - 3 yrs) we offer a nursery during the Sunday School hour, where your child will be able to play with other children and learn about Jesus.

Little Lambs Nursery meets in the Early Childhood Building, Room B111.

Confirmation at OSL

Our confirmation ministry exists to teach the faith and prepare Christians for a lifelong study and growth in God’s Word and our Lutheran Confessions. The program is designed as follows:

8th Grade Track 1 Students

During 1st period religion class at OSL we study Luther's Catechism and the doctrines of the Church.

7th/8th Grade Track 2 Students

We meet in the Classroom building (C105) at 8am, for two years on Sunday to study Luther's Catechism and the doctrines of the Church, in a traditional Lutheran Confirmation format.

All 8th Grade Students and Parents

After Sunday service at 10:45am, all 8th Grade students and parents meet in the Classroom Building (C105) for lessons and discussion over how we live out the Small Catechism and apply it to our lives as Christians. For an updated schedule of days that we are  meeting, please contact Pastor Krieg.

Public Examination

On the Friday before Palm Sunday the 8th grade students who have successfully completed their course of study sit for a public exanimation of what they have learned and are given the opprotuinty to confess their faith and confirm their desire to become communicant members of Our Savior Lutheran Church.


Adult Bible Class

Our Savior Lutheran Church offeres a wide variety of adult Bible classes both before and after worship on Sundays. Please join us in one of the many classes offered below. There will be fresh coffee and a variety of fresh donuts and kolaches to enjoy. It is our prayer for you that these Bible studies will strengthen your faith and you will go home knowing you are secure in your faith. 

8:15 AM Adult Class

EVOLUTION: The Devil’s Disguise – What began as a theory several years ago is now universally accepted as pure fact. What began as an educational alternative is now the only view allowed in our public schools. What began as a teaching accepted only by the unbeliever is now spreading its stench throughout the Christian Church. All the while the unsuspecting Christian, although faintly realizing something is amiss, feels helpless and ill-equipped in fighting this monster. Let’s take a close look at the lies and fantasies of evolution as it fades in the light of God’s Word. 
Pastor White, Bible Classroom, Sanctuary

10:45 AM Adult Classes

Te Deum Laudamus: An examination of worship as defined in the Bible and structured in Lutheran history, along with a comparison of historic and contemporary worship and music.
Pastor White, Bible Classroom, Sanctuary
"Bethel Bible Series"
Herb Peterson, C102, Classroom Building
"Lutheran Confessions"
James Kriegel, C101, Classroom Building
"Women's Bible Study"
Merri Schoppe, Family Room, Sanctuary
"A Christian Family in Today's World"
Dana Gerard, B109, ECE Building
"Applying Scripture to Current Events" (College/Young Professionals Class)
Adam White, C106, Classroom Building
"The History and Letters of St. Paul"
Dr. Karl Baughman, C114, Classroom Building