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Daily Devotion



May 19, 2017
By Martin Luther

In the beginning the Word already existed. The Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was already with God in the beginning.
JOHN 1:1-2


NOTICE THAT JOHN STRONGLY emphasizes the word with. He repeats the word again so that he may clearly express the difference between the separate persons of God. He does this to counteract natural reason and future heretics. Natural reason clearly understands that there is only one God. Many verses in Scripture support this, and of course it’s true. But reason struggles against the idea that three persons can be the same God.

This is why the heretic Sabellius claimed that the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are all one person. Then another heretic Arius admitted that the Word was with God but didn’t confess that the Word was true God. Sabellius teaches too great a simplicity in God. Arius teaches too great a multiplicity. Sabellius mixes the persons together, while Arius divides the nature of God into three parts.

But the truth of the Christian faith stays in the middle, teaching and confessing the individuality of the persons and the indivisibility of God’s nature. The Father is a different person from the Son, but he is not a different god. Whether or not our natural reason comprehends it, it’s still correct. Faith alone must grasp it. Natural reason leads to heresy and error. Faith teaches and holds to the truth. Faith simply clings to the Scripture, which never deceives us or lies to us.