Rock Bottom

Have mercy on me, have mercy on me, O you my friends, for the hand of God has touched me! Why do you, like God, pursue me? Why are you not satisfied with my flesh?
Job 19:21–22
Rock Bottom
We often hear of people hitting “rock bottom.” Which is to say they have fallen so far down in their misery and despair that they have lost all hope, there is no further point of depression in which they can go down.  This seems to be Job’s “rock bottom” moment.  Sitting in ashes and sackcloth, covered in festering sores, financial ruin, and persistent blame by those who to speak with him, Job can take no more. “Why are you not satisfied with my flesh?” he asks. In other words, “What more do you want from me, you have taken it all.” Putting ourselves in Job’s shoes it is amazing he has been able to hold it together at all. We often lash out at those closest to us for much less than what Job has endured.  So what is Job, and us for that matter, supposed to do in a situation like this? How do we cope with such loss?  On our own there is no hope, yet in our heavenly Father we need not despair.  And as we will soon hear from Job, we have redemption in our God.  For us today we cling to the cross, we know the tomb is empty, we rejoice in the knowledge that our Savior is alive and has redeemed us form the pit.  We have the blessed assurance of life eternal with the Father through the Son.    
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