Go therefore and make disciples of all nations

Matthew 28:19

While the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod has missions around the world, Our Savior Lutheran Church has a special interest in 3 specific missions:  
The Fritsche Family Mission in the Dominican Republic
Lutherans in Africa with the May Family
Support of Wokoma - Africa

Active Missions

Fritsche Family - Dominican Republic

Please pray for the Fritsches as they serve the Lord in the Dominican Republic. Pray that God gives them strength and peace in their family life and as they work to communicate the Good News of Jesus Christ. Ask God to give Joel wisdom and faithfulness as he helps raise up pastors, deaconesses and other church leaders to serve the Dominican church. Pray that God continues to bless Joel’s service to the church and Clarion’s homeschooling of their three boys. Let us give thanks that Joel, Clarion and their family are serving God’s children in the Dominican Republic.
To know all about the Fritsches' ministry read their newsletters:
Fall 2020
Summer 2021
September 2021
April 2022
August 2022
November 2022
June 2023

May Family - Lutherans in Africa

Founded in 2010, Lutherans In Africa (LIA) equips Africans to be teachers of the saving faith in Christ Jesus. This is done through training pastor, evangelists, deaconesses, and Sunday school teachers in the pure doctrine and its instruction, liturgy, and hymnody and through translating key doctrinal resources into African languages.
Based in Nairobi, Kenya, LIA has purchased 15 acres on which they are building an education center. Jason Stephens, an architect from Houston, Texas, designed and supervised the construction of the center.
LIA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Contributions are tax deductible to the full extent of the law. For directed gifts, LIA will make every effort to ensure donations so designated, but if requested programs are oversubscribed funds will be used where needed most.
Our Savior Lutheran has committed to pay for the church building. Please pray that their fund raising efforts may be blessed and their work may be a blessing.
May Family Summer News 2021

Pastor Wokoma - Seminary in Nigeria

Pray for Rev. Richard-Wokoma as he serves in Africa. Pray he is protected, not only as he teaches, but also as he travels around Africa preaching and ministering to the villagers and congregations. Pray for his students and their families as they sacrifice to attend his classes. Pray their hearts and minds are open to what Rev. Richard-Wokoma teaches them. Pray that individuals and congregations here in the United States come alongside Rev. Richard-Wokoma to support him financially and prayerfully so that he may continue teaching and serving in Africa. Let us give thanks Rev. Richard-Wokoma is serving in this part of the world.
Wokoma News August 2022