Gleaning the Vineyard

Behold, like wild donkeys in the desert the poor go out to their toil, seeking game; the wasteland yields food for their children. They gather their fodder in the field, and they glean the vineyard of the wicked man. They lie all night naked, without clothing, and have no covering in the cold.
Job 24:5–7
Gleaning the Vineyard
Once again Job paints a vivid picture of those who suffer at the hand so the wicked.  They are as wild donkeys searching in vain for food in the desert. They glean the vineyards after the owners had harvested it, leaving nothing for them.  They lie exposed to the elements at night with no hope of shelter.  Having seen poverty on T.V. or experienced it firsthand ourselves, it is easy to understand their miserable condition.  And of course, this is our condition in our sin. We are in a desolate place without hope when we wonder in our sins. There is nothing to glean from when we walk in the field of the wicked.  And not for a loving God this would be our lot in life. Yet He has rescued us form sin, death, and the devil.  He has led us out of the desert to lie down in green pastures, beside still waters.  He has given us the bread of life so that we never need hunger. God has clothed us in His Son’s righteousness, though the cool waters of our Baptism.  We are made whole, washed clean, and restored to life through the blood of the Lamb.  Thanks be to God that we have a God who loves us so much that He gave us His only Son to die for us, so that no matter our lot in life, we are redeemed through His sacrifice.    
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