Dust and Silver

      This is the portion of a wicked man with God, and the heritage that oppressors receive from the Almighty: If his children are multiplied, it is for the sword, and his descendants have not enough bread. Those who survive him the pestilence buries, and his widows do not weep. Though he heap up silver like dust, and pile up clothing like clay, he may pile it up, but the righteous will wear it, and the innocent will divide the silver.
Job 27:13–17
Dust and Silver
Job continues his response to his friends and agrees with them.  The life of the wicked and unrepentant will not end well. He points out that even if they are successful in this life “heap[ing] up silver like dust”, it will be to no avail.  When death come, and it comes for all, no amount of earthly treasure can secure your salvation.  As Christians we understand this, but all too often do not live as though we believe it.  We focus on accumulating as much wealth and prestige in this world at the expense of our relationships with our friends, families, and God. We always want more “silver”, but to what end?  It does not buy happiness, nor does it buy salvation.  And in the end death comes and to dust we return.  Thanks be to God though the price of our salvation has already been paid.  Not with gold or silver, but with the precious blood and innocent suffering and death of our Lord Jesus Christ. He was the only one who could pay the price, His blood was the only thing which was precious enough to pay the ransom for our souls.  Yet as valuable as the blood of Jesus is, He freely gives it to all repentant sinners at His altar.  The same blood which the dust beneath the cross soaked in some two thousand years ago is offered in Holy Communion.  Along with His body Christ’s blood has paid the price for our salvation and is received in faith to our benefit.  Offering the strengthening of faith, forgiveness, and salvation.  And that is worth more than all the silver in the world.
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