Visions of Fire

This is what the Lord GOD showed me: behold, the Lord GOD was calling for a judgment by fire, and it devoured the great deep and was eating up the land. 5 Then I said, “O Lord GOD, please cease! How can Jacob stand? He is so small!” The LORD relented concerning this: “This also shall not be,” said the Lord GOD.
Amos 7:4–6
Visions of Fire
During their wilderness wonderings, the people of Israel knew the presence of the Lord by the pillar of fire by night. The Lord is a consuming force that is no match for anything here below. In his wrath, he sent fire upon Egypt, Sodom, and Gomorrah. It was fire that consumed the sacrifices of old. His wrath is kindled against the sin of Israel. His anger is stirred because man does not follow his Law and does not keep his Word. We go after other gods. We create gods for ourselves. We stand in pride against the pure and perfect Word of God. There is one that stops this wrath. There is one that changes the anger of the Lord into the joy of the Lord. This is Jesus Christ, the only Son of the Father. He takes the full force of God’s fiery wrath to save you and me. Jesus puts our sin there and lets the fire consume it and destroy it. He takes the punishment for our sin and even the fire of hell. All this he does so that you would now be the delight of your Heavenly Father. Now you are his joy and his delight. Now you are children of the Heavenly Father and heirs to the riches of heaven. Amos reveals to us the grace of our God. In his love for you and me, he rescues and saves.
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