You Know that I am Guilty

Have you eyes of flesh? Do you see as man sees? Are your days as the days of man, or your years as a man’s years, that you seek out my iniquity and search for my sin, although you know that I am not guilty, and there is none to deliver out of your hand?
Job 10: 4-7
You Know that I am Guilty
There is nowhere for us to hide from God.  We cannot find a bunker deep enough or run far enough to escape the eyes of God.  He knows our guilt.  Job recognizes this and admits to it.  Job knows his friends are wrong when they say he has brought this on himself by his own sins, yet Job can’t understand why he is suffering as he is.  Job knows he is not a sinless person, yet he still approaches God.  Because he knows that it is only in God’s love and mercy where he will find rescue.  Job goes to the one place where he can be assured of comfort, even if that comfort is not in the physical things of this world.  So it is with us. We are guilty of countless sins; we know it and God knows it. We should have to answer for those sins, so it is counterintuitive to seek God, the One whose justice will punish the wicked.  However, this is what Job does and this is what we are to do.  Because even though God knows we are guilty of our sins, those sins have already been atoned for.  God saw to it that our sins would be washed away and that we could find comfort in Him.  Our refuge and resting place are in the grace and mercy of our loving Father, who gave His only Son, Jesus Christ, to be the propitiation for our guilt.  Clothed in the robes of our innocent Savior’s righteousness, our guilt is paid for, and we are free. And in the hands of our loving Father is the only place we need to be.
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